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Recommended locations for placement of different grade and types/shapes of manhole covers and frames are as under

  • LD-2.5 Rectangular, Square or Circular Solid Types Suitable for use within residential and institutional complexes/areas with pedestrian but occasional Light Motor Vehicle traffic. These covers are also used for ‘Inspection Chambers’
  • MD-10 Circular or Rectangular Types Suitable for use in service lanes/roads, on pavements for use under medium-duty vehicular traffic including for car parking areas.
  • HD-20 Circular, Square or Rectangular ( Scrapper Manhole ) Types Suitable for use in institutional/commercial areas, carriageways/city trunk roads/bus terminals, with heavy-duty vehicular traffic of wheel loads between 5 to 10 tonnes, like buses, trucks and parking areas and where the manhole chambers are located in-between the pavement and the middle of the road.
  • EHD-35 Circular, Square or Rectangular ( Scrapper Manhole ) Types Suitable for use on carriageways in commercial/industrial/port areas/near warehouses/godowns/where frequent loading and unloading of trucks/trailers are common, With slow to fast moving vehicular traffic of the types having wheel loads up to 11.5 tonnes irrespective of the location of the manhole chambers.

Everlast Gully Gratings

Applications Road Crossover gratings
Road side gratings
Water Entrance gratings
Overflow gratings for swimming pool
Sizes 450 X 450
500 X 600
600 X 750
600 X 1200

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