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Shade Card & Composition

Shade Card
Everlast composite manholes & gratings which includes FRP manhole covers, stainless steel manhole covers, concrete manhole covers, FRP gratings, stainless steel gratings, iron gratings, concrete gratings that are available in a wide array of colours. We offer products in a set of colours from which client's can choose from. The shade card facilitates buyer's to choose the required colour so that it meets their aesthetic needs.

It is made with compression moulding process using glass fibre woven cloth embedded with modified resin. Glass fibre content will be upto 50%.

Continuous fibers in woven form gives enormous strength to the product. Top layer of the cover & frames consist of quartz & corundum which adds to the wear resistance of surface.

In case of stainless steel manhole covers ribs are provided to increase load capacity. But for designing composite manhole covers instead of ribbing pot bottom style is used. This means thickness of manhole cover will be more at the center and reduce towards the edge. This style of design provides more strength supporting area.

Everlast composite manhole cover consists of
  • Modified unsaturated resin
  • Glass fibre (E-glass)
  • Quartz Antioxidant
  • Firming agent
  • Promoter
  • UV additive
  • Enthylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer
  • Cr13
  • Other auxiliary materials

Application Temperature Scope
The materials used to manufacture the manhole covers are important, that is why we only use quality materials. The main material that contributes to the product application temperature is the unsaturated resin. It belongs to the thermosetting resin family. The performance after its solidification is as follows:

  • Longitudinal strength : 250-800Mpa,
  • Compressive strength : 300-600Mpa,
  • Stretch modules : 25-35 Gpa,
  • Break elongation ration : 1.3-10.0%
  • Bending strength : 700-1400Mpa,
  • Curving module : 25-35Gpa,
  • Poision ratio : 0.35,
  • Relative density :1.11-1.15,
  • Water absorptive (24h) : 10-30mg,
  • Volume resistivity : 1X(1012-1014)?cm.

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